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This page showcases some of the work of Jon Garland, a writer living in Canberra, Australia. All work on this site is copyright©Jonathan Garland unless specifically stated otherwise.

I wanted a place equivalent to an artist's gallery, where I could put some of what I've done on display. After all, words are dead on the page unless someone is reading them. And where can you get a better forum for peer review than the World Wide Web?

Feel free to poke around, ask questions, make comments.


Some achievements

July 2006 – winner of the "snap pitch" at a lecture on obtaining funding for film projects, for a one-sentence pitch of the One Day short film script.

March 2006 – selected as a mentee in the inaugural mentorship program by the Speculative Literature Foundation.

October 2005 – script Fairytale Ending wins the Playwrights Encouragement Award for the best original (unperformed) work at the Canberra Festival of One Act Plays.